Development Project of a 5-Star Resort Hotel and Anti-aging Wellness Center


Distance to Paris (Porte Maillot), km


Land area, hectares


Buildings surface, sq.m.

Chateau De Franconville – Facts

The property consists of:

Land - 43 hectares, including 10 hectares of park and 30 hectares of forest.

The main castle building - 5025 sq.m. (5 floors with a ceiling height of 3,5 to 6 meters).

Extension to the main castle building - 5284 sq.m.

Little Castle with attached premises (apartments, shops and garages) - about 5000 sq.m.

Theater - 1520 sq.m.

Two pavilions by the entrance to the property.

Greenhouse - 475 sq.m, height of about 10 meters.

Artificial lake.


Airport CDG

20 min

Business and private airport Paris Le Bourget

20 min


20 min

Golf of mont Griffon

4 min


45 min

Park Asterix

25 min

Aérodrome de Persan - Beaumont

9 min

Sherwood Parc

5 min

The Property - History

The Origins

The village, located on the site of Castle, was formed during the invasion of the Franks in the 2nd half of the V century. Therefore it was named Franconville. In 1312 King Louis II de Bourbon, in gratitude for the faithful service, passed the Castle to Hugo Le Baveux, whose daughter married the baron Robert VI d'O and subsequently the family received the “Marquis de Franconville” title.

Duke de Massa

In 1875 Alphonse Philippe Alfred Renyi (Duc de Massa) inherited an old 18th century castle in Saint Martain du Tertre. Duke de Massa belonged to a very rich family, so he decided to destroy and turn this humble piece of land into a magnificent palace, worthy of kings. The Franconville Castle was built between 1876 and 1882 as a replica of the Château de Maisons–Laffitte by the architect Gabriel-Hippolyte Distalera.

The new Castle was so beautiful that some critics in the late 19th century asserted that its garden was the most unusual in France (the trees from South America, exotic flowers, a lake with small islands, graceful wooden bridges).

Buildings Overview

Main Castle

This Castle was built from the stone of the region Méry-sur-Oise and Saint-Maxim (Oise) in the Neo-Renaissance style. It is, in fact, a replica of the Maison-Laffitte Castle (an architectural masterpiece of François Mansart).

Small Castle

The Small Castle had been built in the Classical style at the same time as the Main Castle. The garages and high-ceiling ateliers are situated around the periphery of the yard, the apartments for the stuff are behind. The total floor space is 5000 sq. m.


The greenhouse is 475 sq.m. with a ceiling height of about 10 meters and situated under the terrace of the western facade of the castle. There is a large fountain in front of it decorated with numerous statues, including two groups of the “children-shellfish" (a replica of Versailles) and "shepherd playing the flute" (a replica of the Château de Marly) ones.

1930 building

This brick building was completed in 1930. It is a 3-floor multilevel construction with an average altitude of 3,4 m and a basement. Until 2007 the building was connected to the north facade of the Castle.


The castle theatre is a small replica (350 places) of the theatre of Bordeaux. The facade of the theatre is decorated with the elements of the Neo-Classic style. Its rich architectural decor and wooden interior are inspired by the Victor Louis architectural works in Bordeaux. The entablature is decorated with the masks and musical instruments, the dome is ornamented.

Park and Forest

The park of the castle was designed by Louis Sulpice Vare (a creator of the Bois de Boulogne). There are about a hundred species of trees. Several trees, including red oaks, sycamores and elephant cedars of Lebanon, are classified as a part of the natural heritage and are in an excellent condition. In the park area you can see a very beautiful cascade of ponds. At the right entrance of the property, there are 2 small pavilions and rotunda (a miniature replica of the work of Jules Hardouin-Mansart in Versailles). There is also a lake with water lilies and fish by the right side of the entrance.

The Project – Our Proposal

Resort Hotel

The Resort is expected to be a five‐star hotel with 83 - 100 rooms, two restaurants, a bar, 684 m2 of a meeting space, an extensive spa area (including indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, treatment rooms and other wellness facilities), retail outlets, wellness centre, various public lounges, recreation rooms, and appropriate back‐of‐the‐house facilities. The proposed Resort could be managed by reputable and internationally recognised brand name.

Multi-activity Park

Due to the large area of the estate we can create a unique offer for a family vacation - a children's club with developmental activities, a petting zoo, an adventure park with rope ladders, forest trails for jogging and walking, pond fishing and other outdoor activities, including the group outdoor activities .

Facilities and Amenities

Food and
Beverage Facilities
Location/Floor Seating
Area (m2)
Castle Restaurant Castle Ground 150 327,0
Hub Restaurant Hub 3rd Floor 100 130,0
Total 250 457,0
Meeting and
Banqueting Facilities
Location/Floor Approximate
Area (m2)
L’Orangerie Ballroom Greenhouse 475
Meeting Room 1 Castle Ground 91
Meeting Room 2 Castle Ground 118
Total 684
Wellness and SPA Space: 6000 m2 space
Treatment rooms
Sport Area
Pools: 1 indoor and 1 outdoor


Parking Space: 240
Days Open per Year 365

The Project – Current Progress

We have carried out all technical studies required for the constructions. The ground plan including the underground complex, adjacent to the existing passage between the theatre and castle accepted by the Department of Cultural Development of Historical Monuments.

6000 m² complex which accommodates indoor and outdoor pools, a gym, rooms for group classes and dances, a large number of procedural and cosmetology offices, a medical consulting center, a bar, and a courtyard with a seating area.

At present:
The building permit has been received for the full project.

  • 1 - Resort Hotel
  • 2 - Building 1930
  • 3 - Passage including one of the restaurants
  • 4 - Anti-aging Wellness Center with outdoor pool
  • 5 - Theatre - indoor pool and spa
  • 6 - Greenhouse - banquet hall